Heart Screening

What happens during a Cardiac Screening?

Our Heart Screens Include:

  • Questions regarding your Family History and Current Health Status

  • Blood Pressure Check

  • An Electrocardiogram (EKG), is a common test that looks for an irregularity in the rhythm of your Heart.

  • A Limited Echocardiogram (ECHO / Cardiac Ultrasound) to look for the most common Cardiac Conditions and Diseases that cause Sudden Cardiac Death (SCD)

On the day of your Screening, prepare as follows:

  • Please refrain from wearing lotions and perfumes.

  • Please do not drink caffeinated beverages at least two hours prior to Screening.

  • Girls should wear a Sports Bra, if possible, however, gowns will be provided upon request.

  • Boys will be asked to take shirts off, however, gowns will be provided upon request.

All Results are read by our Board-Certified Pediatric Cardiologist and will be sent via US mail or emailed, within 1-2 weeks after Screening. However, should our Cardiologist feel you need a follow-up, you will be notified right away, and an appointment will be made with your Primary Care Doctor.

Our screenings are intended for students who have never received an EKG exam or been seen by a cardiologist. Our Screenings are NOT a substitute for regular visits to your family doctor.