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Host an Event

Hosting a Cardiac Screening Event at your School is the best way to show you care about your student’s well-being. Let’s work together to Educate Parents, and Eliminate Senseless Sudden Cardiac Death. Contact Heart Screens for Teens to learn more … We’ll go to you!



Your Donation, no matter the amount, will help Heart Screens for Teens continue our Lifesaving work detecting Heart Defects that could lead to Sudden Cardiac Death. For their safety and your peace of mind, please donate now.

All donations are tax-deductible.

Thank You for supporting your kids and our cause❤


  • Event Sponsorship

Sponsors help us subsidize the cost of our Cardiac Screenings. Our goal is to screen all our youth, regardless of their income or ability to pay. Sponsoring an event at your School, Club or Church helps make this happen. Contact HSFT to learn more about Event Sponsorship, and how we can work together to benefit our community.

  • Annual Sponsorships

Our Annual Sponsors subsidize the cost of running our screening events on an annual basis. Your support is essential to keep up with the growing demand for Cardiac Screening of our youth. Please contact HSFT to learn more about how our Annual Sponsorships work, and how we can help each other.